Oral Medical Devices


If you’ve already tried CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) procedure and self-help tips, but your sleep problems persist, you may benefit from a simple dental device. In some cases, our patients find oral appliances are much easier to use than a CPAP machine. The goal for an oral medical device is to relieve snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnea. Oral medical devices are designed to open the patient’s throat by bringing the jaw or tongue forward during sleep. When the jaw moves forward it allows more room for the tongue and soft tissue. Oral medical devices slightly open the teeth to help decompress the jaw joint and open the airway down your throat. dental-devices Most devices fit inside your mouth, much like an athletic mouth guard or night guard. miVIP offers a full range of dental/oral appliances, including:
  • Mandibular Repositioning Device
  • Tongue Retaining Device
Each device is custom made for you. We complete a thorough exam in order to prescribe the proper sleep device for each patient. It is important to get fitted by a practitioner specializing in sleep apnea, and to have your practitioner adjust the mouthpiece to fit better as your muscular system relaxes or strengthens over time.

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