Diagnostic Services


During your initial consultation, one of our miVIP Sleep Center specialists will ask you questions about your sleep habits and medical history, combined with a thorough evaluation. In many cases, a sleep study will be recommended to rule out sleep apnea, or the cause of your snoring or sleep disorder.

Sleep Study

miVIP Sleep Centers are equipped with state-of-the-art sleep study rooms. The sleep study is performed in a private room, where a highly trained technician monitors your sleep. The results of the sleep study are reviewed by a board-certified sleep medicine doctor within 48 hours.

After your sleep study is performed and reviewed, miVIP Sleep Center professionals will review the possible treatment options that can be used to treat your specific sleep disorder or condition. Some patients with a sleep disorder require a program of simple behavior modifications, such as reducing caffeine intake or entering a medical weight loss program. Other patients may require special medical devices (CPAP or dental devices or medication), while other patients may need to consider surgery.

The links below offer more information on dental, medical and surgical options for the treatment of sleep disorders:

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