Treatment Options


At miVIP Sleep Centers we provide a comprehensive look at the broad range of solutions for proper treatment.

Sleeping disorders must be evaluated by trained experts, with an understanding of a person’s unique situation. A solution/treatment to sleeping disorders can involve a range of studies, devices/appliance, equipment, weight loss programs, and possibly surgery.

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At miVIP Sleep Centers, our sleep experts can combine sleep studies, analysis, medical and dental devices, and surgical services to offer a comprehensive solution to a number of sleep disorders. We understand that your health is a result of issues, so our departments work together to structure your individual care needs.

If your condition requires dental treatment, our dentists can create a custom individual mouthpiece that adjusts the position of the lower jaw and tongue, to improve breathing and circulation while you sleep. If your body is not receiving the right amount of air, you may have a stressed muscular system that is overworked. Our departments work together to help your full body health.

Muscles in the neck and face may be sore from struggling to breath, so relaxing your muscles will be done first. With many options to choose from, our sleep center team can provide you with comfort while still treating your sleep disorder.

If you have already attended a sleep study, and the results indicated that you are not a sleep apnea patient, you may have a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.  (TMJD, or TMD). TMD and Sleep Disorders share many of the same symptoms and disorders. Oxygen intake is the main difference between the two disorders.

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