Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

What are the physical symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

1. Weight gain:
  • Have you suddenly gained so much weight that it is hard to lose?
  • Are you eating the same amount and doing the same activities but can’t seem to lose the weight?
  • Do you feel like your metabolism has slowed down?
2. Teeth:
  • Do your teeth look like someone filed them down?
  • Are your teeth sensitive to cold water, ice cream, cold air, or just laughing and talking?
  • Are your teeth darker at the gum line, and you are not sure why or when this happened?
  • Have you broken a piece of tooth off just by eating?
  • Do your teeth have visible fractures?
3. Tongue:
  • Do you sometimes bite your tongue when you eat and talk?
  • Have you always felt like your tongue does not have enough space in your mouth?
  • Do you feel like your tongue blocks your airway?
  • Do you have an unusual pattern on the outer edge of your tongue?
4. Bone:
  • Do you have extra bone growing in your mouth?
  • Do you have a “bump” in the bottom or the top of your mouth?
5. Gum Loss:
  • Do you have darkness on your teeth closest to the gum line?
  • Are there large spaces between your teeth at the gum line?
6. Enlarged Tonsils and Long Uvula Blocking Airway:
  • When you look into your throat is your airway small?
  • Do you see red tissue in your throat?
7. Other symptoms:
  • Irritability
  • Mood Changes / Depression
  • Memory loss / forgetfulness
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