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In a City that Never Sleeps, Treatment is Available at miVIP Sleep Center, Manhattan

Are most New Yorker’s up all night? If statistics are correct, a majority of Manhattan residents suffer from undiagnosed sleep disorders, and at miVIP Sleep Center, Manhattan, we can help. Approximately 90 million American adults deal with snoring problems, while over 18 million struggle with sleep apnea. In Manhattan, if you experience excessive daytime sleepiness, poor attention span, or frequently awaken with a dry mouth, sore throat or headache, you could be one of them. Insufficient sleep is such a common problem that many are in denial about the serious side effects associated with it. Sleep disorders are linked to several major health risks, including hypertension, diabetes, depression, and obesity. At miVIP Sleep Center in Manhattan, we use state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment methods to get to the root of sleep problems. Patients who require surgery can feel confident their procedure will be performed a skilled, board-certified surgeon. From start to finish, we offer the best possible care. miVIP Sleep Center, Manhattan offers:

Sleep Better, Wake up Refreshed

Sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea should never be taken lightly. At Manhattan Sleep Center, we provide a team approach to treatment with a dedicated staff that includes general surgeons, bariatric specialists, otolaryngologist/ENT (ear, nose, throat specialists), gastroenterologists and dental care experts. We offer a comprehensive evaluation that encompasses a review of your medical history, habits and lifestyle factors, weight and BMI assessments, and your overall dental health. Our goal is to restore your quality of sleep so you can wake up refreshed and enjoy life again.

Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Life

If you don’t think poor quality sleep is impacting your quality of life, think again. Studies show sleep deprivation plays a major role in decreased performance and alertness, memory and cognitive impairment, increased stress, increased appetite and over eating, on-the-job injuries and car accidents. Snoring and sleep apnea in Manhattan are among the most common sleep disorders, but both are treatable. Don’t spend another restless night. Schedule an appointment to be evaluated at the miVIP Sleep Center Manhattan today.

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